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SoHo, Manhattan, New York

In collaboration with Great Bowery and street art legend Shepard Fairey, Overall took on a project in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on the historic street of Bowery. Atop the old Germania Bank Building, a building once home to renowned photographer Jay Maisel, sits an old water tower visible from any surrounding corner in this busy SoHo neighborhood.

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What we do



1 Water Tower

New York

Shepard Fairy


Display Date

July 2019

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During the 50 years of Maisel’s ownership of the building the facade became a prominent hot spot for the biggest names in graffiti, maintaining tags and throw-ups wrapped around the building by some of the worlds most recognized writers. This facade was no stranger to Fairey either, as the artist returns to the building he tagged as a student. Often a destination for locals & tourist alike whether it be for the constantly changing pop-up shop on the first floor, lone remaining tag of famed late graffiti writer NEKST, or hanging around the Bowery area.

The water tower features a giant portrait of actress and political activist Rosario Dawson who grew up in the Lower East Side & remains an active member in the development of the neighborhood. Through the design & with a little help from Overall, Fairey intends to bring to light the message of female empowerment. The style follows Fairey’s branded and iconic OBEY style & is set to remain on display until 2025.


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