Perrier Flavors




Pedro Campiche who may better be known as AKACorleone, is a visual artist based out of Portugal. He’s well known for his use of graphic shapes and bright colors. Iconic French brand Perrier’s release of their new sparkling Flavors sparked the inspiration for their latest lively advertising campaign. After tasting each all-natural-flavor, ranging from Pink Grapefruit to Green Apple, AKACoreleone used his mixed-media techniques to create striking designs. The artist decorated a historic mansion in LA with his colorful Perrier illustrations. The signature images were further plastered all over a NYC SoHo pop up during Fall 2017.

This mural, hand painted in Venice, CA, was executed by the OM crew. The artwork was the only interactive piece featured in the campaign; using a stand here prompt, the painting encouraged folks to become apart of the painting and to share via social media.