POPTV – Flack




Who amongst us hasn’t been titillated by glossy tabloids touting the latest celebrity scandal? As long as there have been lurid stories of celebrity missteps and mishaps, there have also been behind the scene “flacks” pulling the strings to make sure the public only sees what it’s meant to. The aptly named Flack is PopTV’s new series dives into the machinations of the entertainment industry’s publicity dynamo. Starring none other than Academy Award winning actress Anna Paquin as a cunning public relations fixer, this six-episode series examines the controlled chaos of perceptions management.

A show with as much drama as this deserves a mural fitting its content. In fact, it deserves two. The OM paint crew created a dual mural for Flack beneath the world famous electric Venice sign in Southern California. These highly stylized paintings are just the sort of challenge that keeps our walldogs on their toes. The juxtaposition of a photorealistic snapshot was placed with Ms. Paquin’s portrait made up of challenging halftone dots. The images mimic printed tabloids in the Pop Art style popularized by the legendary Roy Lichtenstein through his use of primary colors, thick outlines, and of course, dots. Our muralists meticulously painted each spot by hand until dot-by-dot the image of Ms. Paquin emerged. Art buffs might also make a connection between the clever design of these murals with Andy Warhol’s screen-printed portraits of world-class celebrities. The exactitude of the finished product even led actor Stephen Moyer (Anna Paquin’s real-life husband who also stars in the show) to comment, “SO good you wouldn’t believe this it was painted.”  Sometimes, we can’t believe it either.