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SoHo, New York, NY

Venice, Los Angeles, CA

Poncey-Highland, Atlanta, GA

Here at Overall Murals, we are purpose-built in how we approach our work, assuring that every task at hand is done efficiently and purposefully. That’s why we were excited when our team of painters could take our Purpose Built approach one step further using an air-purifying clear coat application for Porsche’s latest campaign for the newest  Porsche Macan model.

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What we do



3 Walls

New York City
Los Angeles



Display Date

April 2022

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The Porsche Macan is and remains the sports car of compact SUVs and this latest model just says “wow”! The brand is committed to a greener future by producing its New Macan models in the most innovative and sustainable automotive plants in the world. It’s called the “green” plant and this manufacturing facility reduces 17,000 tons of annual CO2 emissions, the roof is installed with solar panels and 1,100 new trees were planted on-site.

Porsche continues to demonstrate the brand’s holistic approach to environmental protection with a campaign committed to cleaner air. OM provided a solution to further enhance this latest campaign for Porsche.

We applied LumaClean, a clear photocatalytic coating to each wallscape, which helps break down viruses, bacteria, odors, VOC’s, and airborne pollutants around the murals. It essentially uses nanotechnology to “eat smog”.

The campaign ran across three walls in trendy areas, across multiple cities, perfectly aligned with the Macan target audience. These were found in New York’s SohoLA’s Venice, and Atlanta’s Poncey-Highland where passersby can confidently take a healthier “oooh” and “ahhh” as they stare and daydream about taking one for a ride before heading off straight to the dealership! 

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