Ray-Ban #ItTakesCourage




Earlier this year, the premium eyewear giant, Ray-Ban, debuted their expansive campaign #ItTakesCourage. Comprised of seven parts, the ads impress motivational phrases, all with the intention of getting their audience to take risks and push back against societal norms. The creative features seven scenarios in which Ray-Ban wearing guys and girls, act out these honest incentives.

The Overall Murals team hand-painted three of the inspirational ads on two separate buildings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In one typical New York City subway scene, two straphangers live in the moment, engaging in a face-to-face conversation while immersed in a sea of people who quite literally can’t seem to take their eyes off of their smartphones. In another, an indie rocker brandishes a mega-watt smile while enduring displeasing looks and scowls from an audience donning 18th century Victorian-style garb and powdered wigs. It takes courage to face critics. The painters managed to distinguish every face pictured in the shadowy, sepia-toned auditorium. The irony is lost on no one, as the final advertisement, encourages consumers to “fight perfection.” A boxer, wearing a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses, delivers the final blow in the ring– her opponent, a life-sized Barbie doll.

The campaign itself is rather endearing; motivating the brands fans to remain true to themselves. It also happens to pick up and expand on last year’s push, “Never Hide”.