RX Bars No B.S.

RX Bars

No B.S.

RX Bars

RX Bar has built its business on being upfront about their products, they make healthy and delicious protein bars without any hard to pronounce additives. Their coast to coast campaign has the same No B.S. attitude, and we’re here for it.

Overall painted four bold and colorful murals for RX Bar. We started in the East with a street level mural in Harlem, highlighting the sort of ingredients RX Bars works with, this clean design gives people a taste of what to expect. The idea behind this campaign is to focus the viewer’s attention on the ingredients that make up each bar, a.k.a. the most appealing part.  A little further downtown in SoHo, there is a “Really, really big poster.” Sort of, it is in fact a painting.  RX Bar’s aim is to keep their promotions uncomplicated, like their product, you as a viewer know everything there is to know upfront.  No B.S.

Back on the West Coast, a huge pink “poster” premiered on our new wall above the Venice Boardwalk. Venice’s famous body builders and health enthusiasts can gaze upon this mural and know exactly what amazing ingredients are in RX Bars from the comfort of the sand. Sightseers can find our 4th mural beneath the warm glow of the famous Venice sign. This mural shows off the variety of ingredients in the RX Bars, and their trademarked brand of pithy promotion. The mural might say “Debatably persuasive Chocolate Sea salt poster,” but there’s no debating the amount of RX Bars we ate after painting these murals.