Seamless 2015



It’s been cited that 85% of the delivery men you see clamoring in your building’s lobby have been summoned there by someone using Seamless. The restaurant takeout startup merged with its competitor, GrubHub, in 2013 and has taken over major metropolitan cities by storm. From Atlanta to Portland, even across the pond in London, Seamless has your last-minute, late-night cravings covered.

According to a study conducted in 2013, In the U.S., the Big Apple alone equates to a significant percentage responsible for orders through Seamless, coming in second to the Windy City. As a result, Seamless paid respects to the metropolis with it’s own personalized campaign. You may have seen them while you’re out and about; in subways, on bus kiosks, magazines and the sides of buildings. Comprised of bright, fun typography, delivering witty one-liners geared towards Brooklyn’s unique eating hav

In 2015, Seamless posted its first mural campaign, hand delivered by the Overall Murals team. Foundin the busy intersection in Williamsburg, the bright red ad was the center of attention as passersby snapped photos and smiled in agreement with its text. Any seasoned New Yorker would agree – no one likes going to Times Square!