Seamless How New York Eats



How New York Eats

Seamless and Overall Murals are back together this summer with a new campaign geared toward the ever evolving borough of Brooklyn. The most recent campaign expands on the 2015 ads, “How New York Eats.” Continuing to tap into the fears of New Yorkers everywhere, the food delivery service understands the horror of ordering food on the phone and avoiding Time Square like the plague. The 2016 campaign is all about Brooklyn and the unique subculture that is loved by so many. Although Seamless may have broken the unspoken Brooklyn rule of never mentioning the L train shutting down, with the quote “The L train may shut down. We won’t.” We’ll forgive them for keeping starving artists, not so starving, stating “Go from staving artist, to just artist.”

The Overall Murals team collaborated with Seamless for a five-panel-mural, with detailed hand-painted type derived from classic New York City restaurant typography atop extensive distress treatment done by the OM team. This vibrant mural of yellow, blue and red matches Seamless’ iconic brand and  can be found amongst the hipsters of Williamsburg on the corner of 14th Street and Franklin St. Go see for yourself and continue to celebrate the small wins, like paying rent on time and avoiding human contact, with Seamless.