Seven Moon Junction Greenway Wall

Seven Moon Junction

Shinique Smith

Boston Greenway

The 3rd annual Rose Kennedy Greenway Mural in Boston’s Dewey Square Park is a result of a collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts and contemporary fine artist, Shinique Smith, who is simultaneously exhibiting at the MFA. Overall Murals was selected to bring the artist’s original four-foot tall art piece, Seven Moons, to life and blow it up to approximately 80 feet tall as the newly titled and redesigned as Shinique Smith’s Seven Moon Junction.

Utilizing our favorite oils was very different from the original painting’s multimedia materials. We turned what were actual 3-d objects, a coffee lid and braided fabric, into  illusions of photorealistic gigantic objects.

The last two previous murals on the wall were controversial — either liked or talked about. Passersby approved of the bright abstract backdrop of what is Boston’s busiest commercial district.

Shinique Smith puts it best when she described the choice of artwork and transition to the grand scale, in her artist statement:

In Seven Moon Junction, I have used a detail from my 2013 painting ‘Seven Moons,’ because its circular composition and color palette and the geometry of the building felt as if they belonged together. I shifted the scale of the painting’s collage and counterbalanced them with a braided sculptural element to enrich the texture and create a composition tailored to the architecture of the Dewey Square wall.

This particular work draws inspiration from various sources such as, alchemy, astrology, music and the mythology and art of indigenous cultures. By taking a small aspect of this existing work and enlarging it to the scale of 70 feet, this microcosm of materials is seen and experienced from a new perspective, becoming a distinct new presentation.

I see this piece, as a mural that extends beyond the wall, as it attunes to the space in which it sits, radiating energy outward to the rest of the city and its occupants. Inspired by the flow of the environment, I will orchestrate a performance of music, art and dance on the green space that is an extension of the mural inspired by the spirals and color in the design.

I’ve titled this work, Seven Moon Junction in reference to the intersection where the mural resides, the merging of people and the joining of art and life. The field of view, Dewey Square Park is part of the mural.