SONY SuperFly




SONY Pictures brought Superfly, the highly stylized 1972 film, into the 21st century. From our network of artists, Overall Murals was privileged to curate four amazing contemporary graffiti writers and illustrators to collaborate and update the Superfly style without sacrificing its iconic magic. Working closely with SONY Pictures, these artists were able to convey the graffiti and street art aesthetic in four original designs, allowing anyone who views them to have a clear idea of what it means to be Superfly.

The new cinematic version is set in modern day Atlanta, the city that artists Dubelyoo, Awe2, and Mister Totem call home. Dubelyoo’s design captures the essence of Atlanta, the skyline, and graffiti style ground the viewer in the city immediately. Totem’s design highlights the street aspects of Superfly, images of money, cars, weapons and women are set in the foreground of this mural, contrasted with the sparsity of the background the viewer can feel the gravity of Superfly, not just the glamour.

In association with an esteemed OM partner, Klughaus, the talented Awe2 created our third Atlanta mural. In this mural the main characters of Superfly light up the night sky, this etherial design includes mid-century Pointillism details which further lend an unmistakable dazzle to this mural. Also brought to us by Klughaus and also prior OM collaborator, MAST designed a Superfly wall that can be found in Harlem. The artist’s comic style of bold graphics fits in perfectly with the neighborhood of the original 1970’s film. These artists know what it means to Redefine the Hustle.