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Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

This year, Spotify launched Lo Nuestro es Arte, to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. The campaign’s goal to help reinforce and affirm the culture of Latinx, a nonbinary descriptor, and more specifically the work of these many Latinx creators, was developed through inspiring commissioned work from different genres.

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What we do



1 Wall

New York City



Display Date

October -November 2020

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The mad-skilled team at Overall Murals was honored to paint a 40’ lifelike portrait (artwork by Luisa Salas) of Latinx performer, Romeo Santos, maker of such hits; Hilito, La Diabla, Yo Tambien, and Eres Mia. Check him out on Spotify, and while there, take a further look at all the amazing Latinx artists.

In the heart of artsy Bushwick, Brooklyn. The neighborhood is known for its inclusively of all races and an exceptionally high number of Latinx residents, many of whom have been there for generations. Bushwick is an area full of beautiful street art, eclectic bars, and restaurants, and a vast range of cultures happily melded into one interesting neighborhood. 

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