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SoHo, Manhattan, New York

What does it mean to paint artwork that shows support and awareness during these changing and intense times?

To all of us at Overall Murals, it means everything.

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What we do



Jocelyn Tsaih

New York City


Content Creation

Display Date

May 2021

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We have seen over the course of this year, the growing mistreatment of the Asian community. NBC News reports say there has been a 169% surge in Asian hate crimes in the past year. A problem such as this should not go unnoticed and many are speaking up. Those who are especially influential and can be vehicles for awareness must act.

Violence caused by hate is ever-growing as the world spirals into further confusion and division. Through uncomfortable conversations and with support and activism, we can choose to stop the hate and look toward implementing positive growth in the world.

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Cultural Heritage Month. To kick off the month with reverence and positivity for our AAPI brothers and sisters, our painters, Charlie Pratt, and Elio Martinez hung above the busy streets of Soho to hand paint this important and celebratory campaign for Spotify. The bright and bold artwork was designed by Taiwan-born, Shanghai-raised artist Jocelyn Tsaih.


Jocelyn is an artist based in Oakland, 

California whose work typically involves amorphous figures. Jocelyn explains that the figures “act as vessels for those that view her work”. We believe a vessel is the perfect interpretation of this piece as it carries love and support to a community of people who are currently disproportionately affected by hate crimes all over the US.

We are proud to have worked on a variety of murals that also draw attention to an important and relevant worldwide issue. Check out our work with DTRT, Monogram, NYC DOHM, Spotify and Instagram.

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