Sprite Obey Your Verse



Obey Your Verse

Sprite revives the hip-hop culture push with an ode to the industry’s greats of yesterday and today. Since the late 80’s, Sprite has embraced hip-hop and continues to do so in their latest campaign “Obey Your Verse” (a play on their well-known tagline, “Obey Your Thirst”). Sprite released a limited edition of their signature green cans, sporting various inspirational lyrics from Drake, Notorious B.I.G, Rakim and Nas.

Greyscale busts of the rappers were captured on a wall located on the outskirts of Philadelphia’s historic Germantown neighborhood. Alongside them were meticulous renderings of the recognizable can. Naturally, the sight of these familiar faces was bound to attract throngs of hip-hop fans and interested onlookers. The piece complemented the bustling urban backdrop of Philly.