Swatch Skin Irony


Skin Irony


Swatch set a World Record with its Swatch Skin product line in 1997 as the world’s thinnest plastic watch; then in 2013 Swatch released the Irony line, switching from plastic to metal cases for the first time in the company’s history. The new Skin Irony edition is the evolution of these ground breaking designs, bringing two classic Swatches into the future of style. These two hand painted advertising murals encapsulate Swatch’s #futureclassic concept, juxtaposing classic Grecian sculpture with modern faces.

Swatch’s wallscape overlooking SoHo, reflects the bold design of the watch itself with bright pink color blocks and glistening gold and silver, which surround a beautifully painted rosy cheeked portrait. It all fits in perfectly with the neighborhood’s good looking clientele on the streets below.

Our Overall Murals paint crew executed a second mural in the midst of heavy foot traffic and tons of eyes, where the people of SoHo meet Chinatown. This new street level unit puts its best face forward by featuring a head-on view of the modern man, blending seamlessly with classic sculpture and the Future Classic Swatch face. The painting is further accented with a geometric pop of pink in the center and a sizzle of gold.  The photo realistic quality of this image might make a viewer look up from their mobile device, if only for a New York minute and question if this is a real person staring back at them.