Target Everyday



Few places are as convenient, affordable or offer a variety of products like Target. Still, there’s something more about this retailer that has endeared people around the world to give it the nickname Tarzhay. We think the magical ingredient is fun!

The murals we painted for Target harness the power of pop culture with bold colors and a play on the word Tarzhay, without actually having to say it. Their new multi-panel Target Everyday campaign includes portraits of stylish models from people to dogs showing off the fashion selection and goods available at Target. Along with each portrait is a word or phrase like: “Hey Bae,” “Buffet,” “Up & Away,” “Partay.” Get it?

We painted these panels in three different neighborhoods, from New York to Los Angeles. We brought people up close and personal with a street level mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn to encourage residents to get in on the cheer and head to Target for all their autumnal needs. On the West Coast, we put up a hand paint on one of our favorite set of walls in Venice. The bright colors of Target’s panels contrast perfectly against the world famous black and white Venice mural behind it. Last but not least, we debuted our first bilingual mural in Silver Lake. We brought the love of Tarzhay to the Spanish speaking community with designs reading “Yo si sé,” “Soñaré,” “Que qué” and “Bailé.” This is the inside joke that welcomes everyone!

From coast to coast, hitting the Tarzhay on this one was easy.