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Search Party

TBS’s new dark comedy, Search Party, took over the streets of Brooklyn this fall. The new show is centered around a group of self-absorbed, 20-something year olds. The recent college grads find themselves in the middle of a mystery with the disappearance of a fellow college acquaintance. The main character, Dory, played by Alia Shawkat becomes obsessed with solving the case of the disappearing girl and brings her friends along for the ride.

Overall Murals hand painted three large walls in Brooklyn, where the story of Search Party also takes place. The wallscape in Williamsburg stretches nearly 100 feet long and boasts 10 separate intricate scenes, inspired by classic Nancy Drew book covers. Each panel depicts an episode from the season and gives more insight into the plot. Looming over this large streetscape is an enlarged scene showing Dory’s tireless search for her missing friend. In Bushwick, the OM team painted one other mural for the anticipated series. With the renewal of Search Party for season two, the creative team developed a new series of artwork that Overall Murals executed once again in Williamsburg.