Voodoo Ranger

New Belgium


Voodoo Ranger

Voodoo Ranger IPA is not like the pale ales you’re used to; this brew’s got personality. From the master crafters at New Belgium Brewing Company comes the premier India Pale Ale with tropical notes of pine and citrus, perfect for a day of kicking back with friends. The secret to this libation lies in the Mosaic and Amarillo hops. These oils highlight aromas of pine citrus, cherry, mango, and blueberry, culminating in a stimulating delight for the senses. If you don’t want to take our word for it, take it from the Voodoo Ranger himself, the venerated spokesperson crafted, especially for this exceptional elixir.  

Our wall dogs brought the freewheeling dude who loves a cold one to Midtown Atlanta this spring. The painters had a lot of fun producing a  likeness of the Voodoo Ranger clutching his signature brew with icy peaks framing his charming gold-toothed grin. The design of this 3D illustration blends perfectly with the cityscape, ready to spark your sense of adventure. The unmatched defender of good vibes captivates all who have the good fortune of spotting him. Those with a discerning eye can find embroidery in the Ranger’s jacket and a series of hats atop his head carefully painted by our talented muralists. Snapchatters who want to share the Ranger’s signature style can use the special Snapcode on the mural to retrieve a custom photo filter, turning them into a ranger too! This brew and its emissary are for the distinguished tippler with a rock and roll persona. If you fit this description (and are 21+) pick up in a golden brew and find out for yourself.

If you love New Belgium’s brews as much as we do, check out this mural we created last summer for the Hemperor HPA, and get to know why it’s Dank AF. Cheers.