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Tomb Raider

Warner Brothers

Tomb Raider

From your PS4 to the big screen, the highly anticipated remake of Tomb Raider has made its long coming return to theaters. Lara Croft, played in 2018’s film by Alicia Vikander, dares to take the journey into solving her father’s mysterious death after being forced to face what her father left behind. A series of eye catching, hand painted movie posters stretch across Silver Lake’s street side to show off the action packed film in all its glory. Working endless hours to produce this collect for Los Angeles’ locals and visitors to enjoy, our paint team was able to complete this project in record time.

The 5 separate panels were created in collaboration with artist networking site, Talent House and Warner Bros, by client selected up-and-coming artists. Thousands entered the competition with the hopes of having their work showcased as movie posters for the film. Ultimately WB chose designs created by  Sergio MurrietaEdz GatdulaReza MaulanaCamille Pelletier and Moses Ruperto. The final layout was further moved into complimentary colors to create a 40 foot long public art exhibition on Sunset Boulevard.