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Adidas has a mission: For the world to see only the possibilities where others may see the impossible. And we had the privilege to mark that message all over New York City. The Adidas slogan "Impossible is Nothing" originated in 1974 and was derived from a quote by Muhammad Ali , world-famous boxing champion.

Ali endorsed the brand making it the most important milestones for Adidas. In 2004, the tagline became the brands biggest marketing campaign with the intention to communicate their passion for the sport by connecting the brand with athletes.​Why athletes?​

Adidas Executive Board Member Erich Stamminger explains,  "As an athlete you always strive to go further, break new ground, surpass your limits. So do we as a brand, to achieve our mission to be the leading sports brand in the world."

Fast forward 16 years and the campaign continues to reign. Except for this time the series not only involved famous athletes like basketball star James Harde, sports personality Ally Love, and running legend Jackie Joyner-Kersee. The campaign also includes local heroic Brooklyn-based runners, Jessie Zapo, Dre Pabon, Shiara Robinson, Kwasi Kessie, Lottie Bildirici, recognized by Adidas for bringing the possibility into everything they do.

We even had the privilege to meet them in person and witness their authentic reactions as they saw themselves on a wall in a prime location in Williamsburg. They invited their friends and family, posed proudly in front of the wall, and shared the message on all their social media platforms. One of the runners depicted even posted an emotional series of Instagram stories, capturing his reaction as he saw himself up on the wall. He then posed for photos with his wife and kids to further commemorate the moment.

​The massive pictorial murals can be found on three of our best units in Brooklyn and Manhattan,  including our largest street level wall located on the five-star William Vale Hotel  in Williamsburg. Everyone we hand painted on these walls is someone driven by action. They are people who see the world with only possibilities and are driven to shape a better world.

They are what brings energy and excitement into everything we do. As our co-founder, Angel says,

"We paint the impossible" , and that is just what this was for us. From a not-so-favorable forecast to long cold 12-hour days, our painters worked around the clock to meet a deadline and do what many thought would be impossible.

The results?


Well, see below for yourselves. 

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