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Dangerous Woman Dairies

Ariana Grande

Today’s YouTube is a far cry from its 2005 debut as a platform for user-generated content. The site has grown into a full-blown media platform (and the second most visited website in the world) with the capacity to host and produce endless video content. This year the website has launched a docuseries on megastar Ariana Grande. The series is called “Dangerous Woman Diaries” and chronicles Ms. Grande’s journey as she creates and tours her newest smash album “Sweetener.”

Our painters created a striking photorealistic portrait of America’s favorite pop star on our wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Everyone driving along Kent Ave can spot Ariana’s bunny-mask-clad visage as they blast the album’s hit Thank U, Next over their speakers. This unbeatable placement lets anyone who views the mural know they can take the next step in their Grande experience by catching the docu-series at their convenience on YouTube. What’s sweeter than that?