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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Amazon Prime Video (APV) took on Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a 2,772 square foot mural on one of our own “prime” units, Unit# B-72, to announce the 4th Season of the award-winning TV show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. APV approached OM Art Studio to head the creative direction and procure a local female artist making waves in their own community. This artist and their design, along with the big hand painted Brooklyn mural would help drive awareness, engagement, and social buzz around the new season.

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Nicole Rifkin
OM Art Studio

New York City

Amazon Prime Video

In-House Design
Content Creation

Display Date

February 2022

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The task was to successfully create a mural that reflected a strong female perspective with Maisel’s iconic sayings (aka Midgisms). The mural was inspired by the themes from the 50s/ early 60s show but was relatable to a modern-day woman. 

That modern-day woman is Nicole Rifkin. An award-winning illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY, who helped take the concept and turn it into an eye-catching mural design. Nicole's passion for telling stories that are easily accessible to everyone plays a huge part in her work. A child of Slovenian Canadian Citizens, English was Nicole's parent's second language. When her brother was diagnosed with autism at a very young age, Nicole realized the power of an image and how it bridged the gap in language between everyone in her family. Throughout her experiences, Nicole has pursued illustrations and has never looked back.

Nicole made an excellent fit for APV, combining her love for illustration with text to make a mural that successfully translated the tone and feeling the brand wanted to achieve through design. OM Art Studio oversaw the design from ideation to implementation, meeting with Nicole and APV every step of the way to co-create the successful mural. 

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The result was an impactful, raw, and inviting illustration that helped translate a photorealistic Mrs. Maisel who exudes excitement and determination in a neon-lit New York City. The midgism “Then Let’s Change The Business” text was included to spark curiosity about what's to come after Maisel leaves her cheating husband, enters the male-dominated world of comedy, and dusts herself off after being thrown off the Shy Baldwin tour at the end of season 3. 


The impact of this mural generated over 1.3M Instagram impressions - even Maisel actress, Rachel Brosnahan posted the mural on her own Instagram story. People posed in front of the mural, captured in process footage of it being painted gaining over 1.9 million total impressions.

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