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Overall Murals  Entertainment Deck (2)_edited.jpg
Overall Murals  Entertainment Deck (2)_edited.jpg

Choose from one of our 80+ premium locations in high-traffic areas, shopping districts, nightlife destinations, and downtown hotspots.

Overall Murals  Entertainment Deck (2)_edited.jpg
Overall Murals  Entertainment Deck (2)_edited.jpg
Overall Murals  Entertainment Deck (2)_edited.jpg
texturefabrik_photocopies_vol-3_09 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Beyond hand paint

Overall Murals  Entertainment Deck (2)_edited.jpg

Beautification & Upkeep

We use the highest quality paints and anti-graffiti finishes to protect the surface of our buildings and take responsibility for immediate coverage of any graffiti.

Additionally, we invest in upgrades and improvements to our walls such as stucco, repairs and plant/weed maintenance through weekly wall maintenance so your outdoor advertising mural maintains at its highest quality.

Paint Stroke - OF.png
Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg
WIP  Overall Murals Media Kit (2).png

We work with Overall Murals due to their great locations and unique placements they have to offer as well as the service they provide to my team and clients. Their team of artists do a great job of capturing the essence of the creative and bringing it to life."


Overall Murals  Entertainment Deck (2)_edited.jpg

Custom Scouting

We find you walls that get you the best return for your campaign. Our process sets you up with a location that has the creative potential and opportunities most suitable to your brand. 

Our administrative team and network of experts research all applicable municipal restrictions and permissions for our walls. 

We stay up to date on all certifications and restrictions to keep our landlord relationships smooth and as seamless as possible. 

Custm Scouting
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