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texturefabrik_photocopies_vol-3_09 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Traditional Hand Paint Since 2010

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texturefabrik_photocopies_vol-3_09 (2)_edited_edited.jpg


We're an award-winning hand painted outdoor advertising company bringing to life large-scale murals that engage the public across the US, from coast-to-coast. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, we are passionate about changing how the world sees art and outdoor advertising. For the last 11 years, our in-house team of artists has experimented, grown, and realized our clients' creative visions. Through our work and process, we inspire and excite folks to look away from their phones and admire the painstakingly detailed and colorful designs right in front of them.


Support tradition and #killthepixel.

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