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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Venice, Los Angeles

Downtown, Los Angeles

"A picture is worth a thousand words" should be the motto for Gen Z, who don’t always type in keywords but rely on immersive ways to discover new content. That’s why it’s no surprise Google’s latest campaign, "Find That Thing," draws attention to their latest innovation - Google Lens. The image recognition technology system instantly delivers information related to the object to anything it identifies in real life. Someone struggling to describe something in words will find this latest and greatest technology as their new way to discover.

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What we do



6 Walls

New York City
Los Angeles



Display Date

October 2022

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So how did Google grab the lens of 4 million people across the country?


Through hand painted murals, of course!

Our crew painted seven murals on six different wallscapes, allowing passersby to "search what you see." From street level to large elevated wall spaces, we purposely painted in high-traffic neighborhoods like Bushwick, SoHo, Venice, Silver Lake, and Downtown Los Angeles, hotspots for Gen Z dwellers.


Each mural reflected the everyday lives of the younger generation. Whether it was a person or thing depicted in the image, the artwork portrayed the perspective of somebody using Google Lens to search for things they found interesting.


From cottage core for the crafty types in Silver Lake to furry pink hats adored by Bushwick's hipster elites, anyone who passes these murals could quickly scan and find the item, or something similar, to what is in the mural - now how’s that for innovation!

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