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Be Right There.

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

City dwellers can’t deny the convenience a delivery service can make in their lives. The average fast-paced hard working individual may get home from a long day of work and find that a trip to the grocery store just doesn't fit into their busy schedule.  

That’s where GoPuff comes in.

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Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg
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3 Walls


New York



What we do


Display Date

May 2022

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg

Gopuff is a delivery service app that provides daily necessities like food, home essentials, snack delivery and alcohol without having to make a trip to the store. Their direct-to-consumer model allows the app to analyze and foresee customers’ ordering habits and detect shifting consumer preferences, patterns, and purchasing routines as the e-commerce industry evolves. This offers companies in-depth consumer insights on how their products are being used, what steps need to be taken to remain up-to-date in a competitive market, and how to retain brand loyalty. Gopuff also allows brands to instantly add products to the platform so customers can order their favorite items within minutes. This increases the value of their inventory and provides small businesses with an opportunity to monetize their products.

So, how does a great app like GoPuff get into the hands of young, urban professionals? Through a 2,772ft²  wallscape located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This giant mural was the perfect reminder for a daily passerby rushing to their workout class to order their Dove body wash and have it arrive by the time they return home for their post-workout shower - a prime example of the impact GoPuff will have on the local Williamsburg user who wants their groceries without sacrificing convenience. And we are pleased to be a part of communicating that service through hand paint. 

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg
Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg

When the creative agency delivered the artwork, we put our eyeballs back into their sockets, brushed off our hands and geared up for the challenge. The heavy creative needed an army of painters and an arsenal of paint brushes. We enlisted 22 of our highly skilled walldogs to paint 99 name brand products to satisfy Williamsburg residents' various cravings and everyday needs. From RIND snacks and Van Leeuwen ice cream to Advil and Bounty paper towels, all of the products painted on the mural are available for purchase on GoPuff.

From our painters who mentioned" the design looks like Warhol's famous pop art designs in how each commercial product is displayed on one color background. ” To GoPuff who tweeted our mural process with a clever caption, “Vincent van Goghpuf and the CEO and Founder of RIND snacks who mentioned the mural on LinkedIn wishing the wall was “Scratch & Sniff”. This artwork was fun for all involved in the process. 

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Photorealistic artwork using contemporary objects like this is exciting to recreate. It involves thorough attention to detail as our wallsdogs accurately reproduce every recognizable product. This starts with drawing the artwork onto the wall accurately, while getting the right color values in our mixing phase to match the colors closely, as well as fine tuning onsite by palette mixing the oil paints further. Our paint team has a profound knowledge of color theory to best produce the picture-perfect image They utilize high-res color approved printed proofs of the artwork as a reference to aid in recreating every nuance of each product onto the walls. And the result? Well, see for yourself! 

Don’t have the app to place your order? No problem! We painted a scannable QR code that points 570,380 mural admirers who passed the wall during its 4-week lifetime to download GoPuff directly onto their smartphones, so they could start ordering what they “need now”.

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg
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