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It’s hard to imagine my life not being consumed by murals. Through my nearly five-year career in the outdoor advertising industry, I have gained an immeasurable amount of appreciation for the old-school niche of hand painted advertising and now, I know the industry like the back of my hand. Before working at Overall Murals, I would gawk in awe at the large painted wall outside of my old office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I vividly recall spending my lunch breaks observing the artists as they pulled up in their paint-stained jeans, brushes in hand. It was at that moment, I was hooked, curious as to what would be painted next.

I spent the summer watching as panels were decorated with expertly painted photorealistic athletes accompanied by an adorable French Bulldog from the Vans ad that first caught my eye. After that was a 100-foot long painting for Ray Ban, followed by Gatorade showcasing all of Serena Williams’ grand slams. By then I knew I needed to learn more about the company that produced these incredible pieces of art.

In 2016, I was offered a role at Overall Murals. In my first few months, I found myself excitedly pointing out our mural locations to anyone who would listen. My friends and family were so supportive and excited that they started to join me in spotting murals – texting photos and Instagram stories of themselves in front of our wallscapes. To this day, not much has changed.

Over the last five years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing Overall Murals grow immensely. In the beginning, the office was just a small family-like crew. At that time, I wore many hats to accomplish the various jobs that needed to be done, anything from graphic design and sales decks, to hassling our painters to make their flights and stocking up the office kitchen. In 2021 we have vastly expanded to meet the interest of clients as they jump at the opportunity to incorporate hand painted murals into their advertising.

Our paint shop is always buzzing with all the energy it takes to bring our murals to life. The gifted artists who work day-in and day-out, through the snow, rain, blistering heat, and even a global pandemic, are the real stars of the show. Their talent and commitment to the craft is what makes the hard work worth it.

Today, I am working within the Sales department wearing only one hat (sometimes two). Providing projects, like Lexus and Varo, for artists in a field that they love is what makes me truly passionate about mural advertising.

Our continued success is due to our unwavering dedication to upholding an age-old tradition of advertising that humanizes the industry. In a society glued to its screens and consumed by digital overload, we are proud to bring our passion for hand painted murals all over the country, coast to coast. Let’s highlight the common variation of cadmium green, which is often used in advertising artwork for clients, who are environmentally friendly, or outdoorsy, and earth-friendly. It’s a bright light tint that stands out against more muted colors, while still providing a fresh look and leaving viewers with a feeling of calmness and liveliness. Tell us, are you feeling more peaceful yet?


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