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  • The Cevallos Brothers: Traditional Sign Painting Legends in NYC

    Little did they know that their journey would one day lead them to the streets of New York City, where With little more than their talent and a determination to succeed, they arrived in the heart of Manhattan Armed with brushes and paint cans, they meticulously handcraft each sign, infusing it with character With Sharpies, paint, and their whimsical illustrations, their work reflects a timeless aesthetic that We recently became one of those businesses, reaching out to them via Instagram about painting a poster

  • Oh the places you'll go: OM Paint Lab

    Our Paint Lab team has put together a list of their five “most creative” projects, what they consider Here’s the Paint Lab’s fab five, each one highlighting just some Paint Lab capabilities: Glow-in-the-Dark What’s the point of having a light saber it it’s not lighted? Exactly. In a world overstuffed with ephemeral digital campaigns, why not give your clients outdoor media with the OM Paint Lab.

  • Bigger, Bolder, Out of Home: The Unique Possibilities with Hand Paint

    There has been a surge of experimental campaigns in the out-of-home advertising world, but do hand painted Our artists employ traditional brush and paint techniques to precisely execute this illusion. Another exciting venture we had this year was experimenting with rain-activated paint. Now let’s move on to our highly requested Paint Lab service, glow-in-the-dark murals. Using translucent paint and black lights installed above the mural, our paint crew made eerie wizardry

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    We had the honor of hand painting a wall in Little Five Points, Atlanta announcing the fashion brand's The 330-square-foot mural portrays a larger-than-life Kendall Jenner for all Little Five Points to admire

  • Crown Royal, APPLE

    Now in 2020, the brand wanted to give back to culture with this campaign – with no tagline, no headline Little Five Points, a vibrant artsy community in Atlanta was the perfect spot to create this bold neon Overall Murals majestically hand painted each unique “one-of-a-kind” panel, each designed by up-and-coming


    OWN < Back QUEEN SUGAR Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, Paint Lab industry Entertainment markets They decided to feature a hand painted living wall and sought our help to paint and oversee the moss installation on two wallscapes in Little Five Points , Atlanta , and Marigny, New Orleans . Our paint crew worked diligently, hand painting each letter to create a photorealistic gold emblem effect The living wall offers numerous aesthetic and environmental benefits, creating a stunning and dynamic

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