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    Services Industry Markets Paint Lab Awards ​ Sony BAD BOYS 4 Up Los Angeles Entertainment ​ ORE-IDA DELICIOUSLY PREDICTABLE Up Seattle CPG ​ Smirnoff Ice SURPR-ICES Up Los Angeles, Austin Alcohol ​ Netflix UNFROSTED Up Los Angeles, New York Entertainment ​ StreetEasy LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN Up New York Technology ​ Catena ROMA GREEN STRAVAGANZA Up New York Beauty ​ Pink GOING PLACES Up Los Angeles Apparel & Accessories ​ WHAT THE FANTA Up Los Angeles, New York CPG 1 2 3 ... 9 1 ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 9

  • Universal Studios, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS

    Universal Studios < Back DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Entertainment markets Los Angeles Wall(s) 2 impressions 157K Universal Studios, renowned for its Hollywood legacy, These creatures were hand painted by Overall Murals in prominent Los Angeles neighborhoods and designed Angeles . It was hand painted in Venice Beach , Los Angeles .

  • Work

    Alcohol ​ Lionsgate IMAGINARY Up Los Angeles Entertainment ​ Miu Miu SPRING/SUMMER 2024 Up New York MUERTOS Up Los Angeles Entertainment ​ Lil Peep HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUS Up New York Entertainment ​ FANTA WHAT THE FANTA Up Los Angeles, New York CPG ​ ADIDAS GAZELLE Up Los Angeles Apparel & Accessories ​ New Balance MADE IN U.S.A Up Los Angeles New Balance ​ PORSCHE ANA Up Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago Automotive ​ Victoria's Secret ICON Up Los Angeles, New York Apparel & Accessories ​ e.l.f

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