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  • Coca-Cola | Sociable Feasts Sports Viewing

    Socialable Feasts Germantown, Philadelphia , PA Coca-Cola’s latest campaign, "Sociable Feasts Sports Overview Wall/s What we do Cooperation Market 1 Wall Philadelphia Coca-Cola Map Artwork Burn Patterns Mix Paint Hand Paint Mural Hand Painted Advertising Display Date August 2022 Philadelphia Coca-Cola’ Plus it’s no surprise that the mural was executed in Philadelphia, one of the nation's best sports cities In fact, Philadelphia sports fans are known for their strong sports culture and extreme passion and love

  • Locations | Advertising Murals | Overall Murals

    New York City Los Angeles Chicago San Francisco Atlanta Seattle Philadelphia Boston Austin Load More

  • Warner Brothers - Space Jam 2 Mural | Overall Murals Hand Painted Outdoor Advertising

    digital design for the campaign and brought it to hand paint life in Brooklyn , Manhattan , Atlanta , and Philadelphia

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