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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Is it the end of the world or just the end of romance? Starz's new comedy series Now Apocalypse follows lovable loafer Ulysses as he navigates his way through the palm tree-lined streets of Los Angeles by day and is plagued by cataclysmic premonitions by night. 

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What we do



1 Wall

New York City


Neon Paint

Display Date

February 2019

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WIP  Overall Murals Media Kit_edited.png
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Along with his friends Carly, Ford, and Severine, he weathers the storms of endless hookup apps, too much weed, and surfacing off-planet conspiracies. A New Queer Cinema hero directorGreggAraki leads this campy romp and harnesses color to create moods from scene to scene. Our painters translated this use of color onto our favorite mural space on the shores of the East River, next to Domino Park in Brooklyn. 

The paint team created a city block-long double

wallscape of a swirling psychedelic vortex of the same hues that tinge the supernatural and emotional landscape of Now Apocalypse.

The specialized, fluorescent, shocking pink and green paint our team utilized was only applied to this unit out of the whole outdoor campaign. It appears to glow off the wall warning Now Apocalypse” further adds to the sense of delirium in the complete composition. Those making their way along the popular running and biking path that parallels these walls may find themselves

transported to separate reality, soaked in otherworldly colors and populated by attractive actors plus one funny looking alien.

The photorealistic portraits of Ulysses, his pals, and the alien were repeated on the long wall with close detail. This sexy supernatural walk on the wild side is a feast for the eye, tantalizing and precarious. Viewers can instantly read the surreal tone of Now Apocalypse before heading home to watch the first episode.

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