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It’s 1996, you’re at the movies with your besties, buttery popcorn in one hand and milk duds in the other. You’ve got on your Air Jordan XI’s and you’re ready to tune into Space Jam where you get to watch your all-time favorite basketball player, Michael Jordan, play himself on screen alongside Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tune gang.

Fast forward 25 years later — you’re sitting on your Ikea sofa bed (which you proudly put together on your own), and although you may have a few more gray hairs on your head and have chosen the organic butter option for your popcorn, you could not be more excited to stream the new Space Jam Legacy featuring the latest star basketball player, Lebron James.

Welcome to the Space Jam. 

This is where Millennials, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers get to experience what is the ever-so-glorious remake of The Space Jam New Legacy featuring King James.

To announce the anticipated release, we’ve teamed up with Warner Brothers to spread the word through the best way we know how. Hand paint, of course! The OM crew worked alongside painters MADSTEEZ and Jonas Never to hand paint, and dare we say it, spray paint five murals throughout the country. 

MADSTEEZ aka Mark Paul Deren, an artist and designer originally from Sunny Cali is known for his stylized portraits and multi-layered paintings that often feature notable reds, purples, and oranges. Overall Murals took MADSTEEZ’s digital design for the campaign and brought it to hand paint life in BrooklynManhattanAtlanta, and Philadelphia.

Since Mark lives just a block from our Domino Park, Brooklyn wallscape, it made sense to include him in the mural production process. Our team of painters, MarioGherman, and Rafael, those with graffiti and aerosol backgrounds, assisted Mark in creating a few of the key characters on the wall. As a company that strictly keeps its hand paint, an opportunity that involved spray paint was a treat for our team.

One night, And when the painters were just about done for the day, an impromptu dance party broke out featuring a DJ and a slew of Brooklynites who danced until the wee hours of the night in front of the halfway done mural.

We sure enjoyed the love our team and MADSTEEZ got for this piece. MADSTEEZ fans came out to not only watch him paint the mural but also asked him to take his Montana can to their helmets, motorcycles, flip flops (and toes)… Someone even overheard MADSTEEZ denying a woman who asked him to sign her baby… HER BABY!!

On the west coast, we worked with Venice native, Jonas Never, a popular and prolific mural artist who brought his signature monolithic, realistic portrait style to our newest Windward Ave. unit. Jonas, who ALSO coincidentally lives down the street from the wall, painted the Looney Tunes team and Lebron via his signature style and with a bit of assistance from the OM team.  

These murals have everyone talking,  including Lebron James (!!!) who  reposted his painted mug on his Instagram story. And yea you can bet we’re fangirling over here as a mega star athlete like James was impressed by these murals and appreciated our efforts.

Coast to coast, these murals are leaving colorful and nostalgic marks, reminding folks of tonight’s big movie premiere. We’re anxiously waiting to leave work to munch on some organic popcorn and watch the movie in the comfort of our homes.


Will you be tuning in?

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