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Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Coca-Cola’s latest campaign, "Sociable Feasts Sports Viewing" aims to encourage people to bond over their shared love of sports and celebrate the "Real Magic". Whether watching a game in the stadium or gathering with friends and family at home, we all come together to cheer for our favorite teams in hopes that they win. 

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What we do



1 Wall



Map Artwork
Burn Patterns
Mix Paint
Hand Paint Mural

Display Date

August 2022

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Coca-Cola’s “Real Magic” brand philosophy is based on igniting the mundane into something remarkable through the power of human connection.

“The real magic happens when people get together and when what we share in common is greater than what sets us apart.”

- Coca-Cola

And what better way to bring people together than to have four of our artists working 12 hours a day in the summer heat to bring a photorealistic Coca-Cola mural to life. Hand painting a detailed mural takes collaboration, communication, shared laughs, and quality time to get the job done at the highest quality. And the same goes behind the scenes for our production team who spend time planning everything that goes into creating a seamless painting process for our painters who develop a mural Coca-Cola drinkers of Philly could be proud of!

In fact, our painters experienced the Philly community reacting to the mural. Families and friends stopped by the mural to share moments with our painters.

Whether it was asking them questions about the process or just appreciating their work, this is where the "Real Magic" happens.


Where Coca-Cola’s philosophy reins true whether we’re sipping on a Coke with friends or painting a bottle of coke with our co-workers, the real magic happens through social gatherings - And we’re proud that through hand paint we can continue to create a shared space through a mural that brings the Philly community together (now that deserves a Coke!).

Plus it’s no surprise that the mural was executed in Philadelphia, one of the nation's best sports cities and during the start of fall and tailgating season, a time that is sure to inspire countless fond memories for years to come. In fact, Philadelphia sports fans are known for their strong sports culture and extreme passion and love for their city and its sports teams (Go Birds!). As they pass by this mural, they are reminded of Coca-Cola’s philosophy of genuine connection and shared experiences, all while sipping on a refreshing Coke (cue ahhhh sounds).

Let’s drink to that. 

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