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What does it mean to receive artwork made to fit the wall?

Let us paint that picture for you.

When a client approaches us for an outdoor mural advertising campaign, we take them through our inventory of walls where together we settle on the perfect option(s) to meet their objectives. We then provide them a spec sheet that gives them all the details about each wall’s size so that they can then begin brainstorming artwork for their future hand painted advertising campaign.

Then the creative process begins!

If we had to imagine what a client’s creative team’s brainstorm session looked like… we envision it’s something like this; A group of like-minded good looking individuals, huddled around a fish tank table, topped with a big hookah. The team sits in swings in the smoke-filled room and scribbles ideas onto Post-it notes, which they crumble and dunk into a basketball hoop. The first note that makes the basket, wins.

Or is that not what creative agencies’ brainstorm sessions look like….?

Probably not. But whether there is a fish tank table or not, there’s always an opportunity for something magical to come out of those brainstorm meetings.

Whether the agency is ideating artwork for a liquor brand or a designer watch, what we’ve found most successful is when the design is meaningfully created with our specific walls (the size, orientation, neighborhood, height, etc.) in mind so that the final product becomes an eye-grabbing, mouth-gaping, picture-taking mural that screams “ROI!”

What does a mural hollering ROI look like?

On the west coast, located on the cusp of Silverlake and Echo Park in Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd., we have a uniquely shaped wall that features a curve in the architecture. This has become THE choice amongst a lot of liquor clients from Tecate to Cazadores.

These clients took advantage of the building’s natural 3-D contour to make their product look as if it was jumping off the wall and ready to be served. (Can you say, “Great service?”) Passersby headed home after a long day at work or looking for a reason to celebrate, will pass this intoxicating mural art and eagerly check into the liquor store located right down the block. And bam, ROI!

On the East Coast in New York City, we have every hipster-loving Brooklyn lover sporting or at least drooling after the latest IWC watch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. How did we do that? The IWC artwork was specially designed to create an anamorphic perspective. On our double wall corner unit, we created a 3-dimensional shipping container showcasing their newest watch design, The Big Pilot. The artwork looks as though the watch was hand-carved out of the Swiss Alps and shipped over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, waiting to be worn by anyone willing to sport a 20-foot tall watch (and yes, that’s a challenge).

IWC announced the release of their new Pilot watch on our 3,000 Sq ft. wallscape in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The artwork looked like a 3-D box capturing 142,595 weekly impressions.

When artwork is created with the wall(s) in mind, it shows a creative’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness in considering the passerby’s (prospect’s) overall experience of the brand promoted. The care ensures the client’s brand gets a one-up in the impressions department. It also brings life to the work we do at Overall Murals, from the wall to a person’s eyes, their mind, and yeah, their soul!

When our team of highly skilled and influential painters prepares to paint a client’s artwork, they too find enjoyment in translating a design from the computer screen and a small printed proof in hand to blowing it up into a large-scale mural. Better yet, when they are fans of the design, they will have a deeper desire to enhance and produce something that’s even more spectacular than what was initially digitally created. This drive for greatness is validated when people pass by and shout:

“Who is this mural for?”

“When will the mural be done, would love to come back for the final”

“You’ve made my day with this mural!”

“Wow, that’s incredible! Can I take a photo?”

(Side note: actual responses captured by our murals)

The artist is inspired by such responses; it’s an acknowledgment of the long hours they spend replicating the artwork, which includes days on their feet, strategizing, mixing paint, and hand painting the creative’s vision – all on a tight deadline. In the end, there’s the gratification they feel when they have accomplished the mission and delivered the final product, especially when it’s something as impressive as the murals below:

Rigoni di asiago announce their latest organic hazelnut spread with artwork designed by our in-house Art Studio team who focus on making the jar look like the product is literally spilling out of the wall. Passerby were encouraged to engage and the mural emphasized the texture of this tasty spread!

Chase wanted all the attention with two murals located in Williamsburg and SOHO. Each mural had life-size engagement opportunities for passerby to photograph in front of, including a swing, boat , lemon tree, and more.The murals became every influencer's dream spot for great social content.

That’s what’s incredible about paint. The public enjoys the process, the big reveal, and a piece that really stands out.

So, next time you find yourself huddled around a fish tank table, swinging back and forth, in the hanging chairs, shooting ideas into a basketball hoop, think about what kind of artwork will have your brand or your client’s brand represented with the best return.

Think, what will get an influencer snapping their Maltipoo who just happens to have more followers than you, posing in front of your mural and tagging your brand?

Think you have an idea for one of our walls? Shoot us a message (or Post-it).

We’re ready for your next great artwork to come through our doors and onto our walls.

Check out photos of our work with clients Rigoni, Chase Sapphire and Milagro.


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