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How OOH has Become a Major Platform for Cannabis Advertising

Look who’s legal now? Cannabis, that once taboo, demon weed, left-handed cigarette, reefer madness, devil’s lettuce (well you get the picture), is making a huge splash in OOH advertising. Legal in 17 states (most recently New York), the farming, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of cannabis is big business. Sales are skyrocketing, especially during the pandemic as people find that in addition to toilet paper and hand sanitizer, cannabis is an essential business. And at the heart of this business, like any other, is brand building. Building these new brands has kept Overall Murals busy (painting, that is!) for established cannabis labels like Dosist, Cresco, Kiva, Eaze, and Monogram, and for the expected surge of new brands as markets expand. OOH Advertising + Cannabis = Big Business As cannabis legalization rolls out across the US and demand for products increases, so grows the need for cannabis branded advertising as manufacturers and distributors seek to gain market share. The issue is, how and where to advertise? Overall Murals team of highly skilled Real Estate pros understand how to operate within the many and complicated state regulations and take every precaution when scouting out the right locations for legal cannabis advertising. Why is OOH Right for Your Cannabis Brand? A 2020 MarketingSherpa study discovered, “69% of the 1,200 Americans surveyed saw OOH as a trusted advertising channel, as compared to social media (43%), online banner ads (39%) and mobile phone ads (39%).” (Cannabis Business Time). The research indicates that consumers respond more positively to OOH advertising than digital outlets which some find annoying and intrusive. They report that OOH advertising gives them a welcome break, especially for those of us who spent most of 2020 too glued to our screens (guilty!). Add to that, businesses are reopening, the weather is improving and on every corner, there are restaurants filled with happy diners in outdoor seating. And we can assure you, it’s best to avoid vinyl that is likely to fall into someone’s eggs benedict and to choose the craft and entertainment that comes with watching painters hand paint a mural – how about them impressions? OOH is Interactive Check out the photos we have captured for our clients. Better yet, see for yourself, the foot/bike/car traffic and how often passersby engage with our painters to talk about the process and most importantly, the brands! It’s OOH marketing at every stage of the Overall Murals production process.

Consumers regularly stop our painters to ask,

“What is this ad for?”

“Is that really hand-paint?”

“When can I see the final product?”

OOH delivers for Cannabis

The beauty of OOH is that it’s impossible to miss. It’s part of the scenery – not an annoying pop-up on a screen or phone. Crafted by hand, painted by real people, in plain sight, Overall’s OOH murals communicate authenticity, art, and hipness, creating a strong connection between the brand, brand message, and consumers.

What Creative Trends are Emerging in Cannabis OOH Advertising?

It sounds self-serving but it’s true. Demand is up for hand paint cannabis advertising because the message delivered is human-centered and personal. Check out the most recent mural we did for Jay-Z’s brand, Monogram. Monogram’s marketing is a clear example of the direction new cannabis lines are taking to promote their products. The message is a human-centered art direction to help normalize cannabis.

As Shana Hayne of Hearst Bay Area explains, “Two things we’ll see more of this year [in cannabis advertising] are hyper-local tactics and humanizing storytelling”. This is evident in Monogram’s advertising. Jay Z uses his platform and cannabis brand to amplify the voices of those who have been penalized by a national drug policy that negatively targets the lives of black Americans through storytelling.

Our client Pax took a humorous and relatable approach to advertise their Vape pens with a one-liner that combines a homey, family, Thanksgiving tradition and a hip-in-the-know smirk.

OOH Works Hard for Cannabis How do we know? We see it ourselves in the growing number of clients who rely on our murals to build brands and deliver business through an unfolding mural. They rely on our murals’ ability to provide their brands with a people-accessible platform to get their names and stories out there. So… what are ya waiting for? Pass the brushie to the left-hand side. Let’s paint!


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