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Oh the places you'll go: OM Paint Lab

There’s far more than “slinging paint”. Overall Paint Lab services collaborate with clients by contributing innovative ideas and a palpable “let’s try it!” enthusiasm to help them create incredible content in conjunction with our already eye-catching murals.

A glow-in-the-dark wallscape? A lenticular wall? Trompe l'oeil? Whatever you can imagine, the Overall Paint Lab takes your ideas even further to create a singular, stunning, hand painted campaign. It becomes a work of art that evolves into a local event – both during installation and once completed – and increases agency and client ROI.

Our Paint Lab team has put together a list of their five “most creative” projects, what they consider the “coolest” projects, and the best examples of how the Paint Lab works with our clients to create astonishing works of art for client brands – work that often wins awards. Here’s the Paint Lab’s fab five, each one highlighting just some Paint Lab capabilities:


Our wall for EA Games Star Wars Jedi Survivor in LA and NYC features fluorescent and translucent paints that glow under UV and black light, transforming from day to night. These colors draw people to the wall to watch the painting change and glow. What’s the point of having a light saber it it’s not lighted? Exactly.

Lenticular Wall

Ben & Jerry's Lenticular Hand Painted Advertising Mural

Ben & Jerry’s, America’s favorite ice cream purveyor, wanted to serve up unique content for Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices, its newest product. OM Paint Lab helped Ben & Jerry’s agency, Mekanism, conceive and create a lenticular mural, the first ever in outdoor advertising. It’s like great ice cream, sweet and impossibly cool.


Trompe l’oeil (“deceive the eye”) is the painting of an object or subject with such verisimilitude the viewer stops and questions the reality of the image. Can it be done on a scale as grand as a hand painted wall? The OM Paint Lab created an anamorphic wall with International Watch Company (IWC), and there was a 25-foot, 3D watch – the IWC Big Pilot - in Williamsburg. The Big Pilot mural is just one example of how OM Paint Lab helps agencies discover and complete the last mile for their brands, one they might not have imagined.

3D Build-Outs

OM Paint Lab loves 3D build-outs. When Klarna wanted to charm dog lovers for the 2019 holidays, the Paint Lab envisioned and painted three interactive walls in Williamsburg with more than 900 dog toys. All Overall Paint Lab pieces are interactive, but the company’s 3D murals feature three-dimensional, tactile elements (“chewable,” in this case). The Paint Lab Team designs these murals for specific settings and surroundings, and every 3D build-out is an immersive experience for visitors.

Scent Machine

The Fanta orange soda wallscape in Atlanta features a scent machine beside an exquisite hand-painted mural. Alongside the mural’s bold blues, sunny oranges and bright whites (and a bottle of orange soda that looks like the real thing), the OM Paint Lab installed a scent machine for passers-by – by simply pushing a button people can experience the sweet, citrusy aroma of Fanta orange soda. It’s an unforgettable brand experience and an outdoor media landmark.

In a world overstuffed with ephemeral digital campaigns, why not give your clients outdoor media with a big analog heart?

OM painted more than 350 walls in 2022, many of them designed with enthusiastic, inspired input from the OM Paint Lab. Think you’ve got a great idea? Contact the Overall Paint Lab and see how far you can take it.


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