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Mobile Integration in Outdoor Advertising

With Out-of-Home advertising spending projected at more than $8 billion for 2023, Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is the leading form of engaging consumers for the new year. That’s why it’s no surprise that brands have integrated mobile technology through hand painted murals to provide an enhanced user experience that allows for a multi-prong approach to advertising campaigns. Digital integration offers an innovative opportunity for immersive advertising, where brands can incorporate creative and engaging ways to interact with current and potential consumers.

We’ve seen this firsthand! Over the past two years, we’ve partnered with clients to paint advertising where mobile integration was incorporated directly into the mural design. We’ve found that our hand-paint method is perfect for capturing the attention of people passing by. Still, by adding the digital integration, we expanded the campaign’s breadth by giving people direct ways to interact using the mural as a springboard.

One of our most impactful collaborations last year was with Google for their tech brand’s latest campaign, “Find That Thing,” Google sought our craft by having us paint six wallscapes in neighborhoods targeting a younger generation of hip and artistic audiences. The murals allowed passersby to “search what you see” by utilizing Google’s visual-based feature, Google Lens, which enables the audience to scan objects from the murals in real time. This compelling concept grabbed the lenses and phones of four million people who were intrigued enough by our hand painted mural to scan what they saw.

During the summer of 2022, we teamed up with Doritos on their #SolidBlack activation, an ongoing initiative to provide resources and a platform for Black Changemakers to drive culture and give back to their communities. Doritos wanted a mural to increase awareness and allow people in those communities to engage with the brand in an artistic and meaningful new way through mobile integration. So we painted a Snapcode on the mural so passersby could scan the QR code and use the Snapchat app to bring the artwork to life with additional AR components. This dual advertising campaign allowed Doritos to interact directly with prospective and current consumers and increase awareness around the brand and their work outside their for-profit business.

Brands have also found success by utilizing QR codes as a simple and effective way to promote themselves and produce quantifiable results. For example, we painted a scannable QR code on GoPuff’s mural, targeting young professionals on the go. During their mural campaign, the QR code directed over 575,000 city dwellers directly to the app store to add GoPuff’s grocery store app to their phones. While we pride ourselves on captivating the community while we paint and stopping them in their tracks, QR codes are a way to seal the deal for brands looking to turn audiences into active fans.

Overall, our mission is to evolve our craft along with the advertising world and create relevance to hand paint's artistry by bridging it with the power of technology. We can cater to audiences IRL and online without giving up what makes Overall unique and rooted in a vibrant skillset that continues to capture audiences and advertisers. So let us help you bridge the gap between traditional out-of-home and online by engaging consumers with a combined effort that yields tangible results without sacrificing the creativity and design people love to see.


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