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  • Where art meets swag

    Our deep love for art of every genre and our admiration and fondness for the work of a great many artists We love the work we do, but we also love the work a lot of other artists do, whether it’s street art annual collaboration with artists worldwide to create hand crafted quality designs for Limited Edition OM Once submitted to OM, we offer the artist feedback, contribute a few adjustments, finalize everything In 2016-2017, Barcelona-based typography artist Wete created illustrated typography for OM used on our


    Recession, in 2008, my husband, Dmitry Pankov, and I started a little painted sign shop called okMitch Studio inherent need to make something iconic and that could be a piece of art history. If you’ve received any swag from us you would know that OM enjoys making all kinds of merch. Art, too, is meant to provoke. and may not even wish.” ― Joyce Carol Oates At OM, a bandana design gives rise to asking… What about

  • "El Reto"

    Ariana Villar joined the OM team a little over a year ago as an apprentice. I studied graphic design and visual arts in Venezuela. I don’t want to say art is everything, but art really is everything. Has it improved your art skills? I'm always looking for ways to improve my art. I’m happy to surround myself with artistic and passionate people at OM.

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    Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, OM Art Studio, Content Creation industry Technology markets Los Intel approached OM Art Studio with the task of designing and painting three murals located in three At OM Art Studio, we take pride in our network of artists whom we work with closely to identify a client's

  • Rigoni di Asiago, DISCOVER OUR WOURLD

    Rigoni di Asiago < Back DISCOVER OUR WOURLD Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, OM Art Studio industry OM's Art Studio teamed up with illustrator Masha Foya to co-design a playful mural, emphasizing the product's

  • NY Lottery, TRIPLE RED 777

    NY Lottery < Back TRIPLE RED 777 Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, OM Art Studio industry Gambling OM Art Studio worked alongside NYC based artist, Nick Anglin to design the murals using his signature

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