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  • Leave Your Ego At the door

    Last week, I worked on a wall in Venice that had the most difficult block and tackle rig I’ve ever been

  • apprenticeship workshop

    They started with a zoomed-out point of view of the whole process and broke down each step before we took each painter through each step a few times. Each painter learned how to pull up gear safely, tie a knot, and assemble a rig. individual pulling themselves and the platform they are standing on to reach the murals facade. Through this process, we learned that everyone has a different level of painting experience, teaching

  • The Cevallos Brothers: Traditional Sign Painting Legends in NYC

    Armed with brushes and paint cans, they meticulously handcraft each sign, infusing it with character We recently became one of those businesses, reaching out to them via Instagram about painting a poster

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  • Google Shopping, SHOP SMALL

    award-winning OM Art Studio to partner with a local Los Angeles artist to design the mural as an extension of Venice Criselle brought the concept to life by turning the Venice Beach environment into a colorful mural illustration featuring familiar Venice Beach characters – From surfers, bodybuilders, and rollerbladers that encapsulated the vibe of the neighborhood while showcasing each product. Each individual product features a google tag prompting passersby to scan the product in the mural using


    Overall Murals created a progressive mural in Venice Beach, CA. Over the course of 4 weeks. Located on Windward Ave, which leads Venice visitors to the main entrance of the boardwalk, the mural's backdrop boasts views of the infamous Venice Mural and Venice sign, making it the perfect place to attract


    teamed up with OM to paint an informative statement that Tobacco Products = Brain Poison, on the iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk and in Hollywood above the Walk of Fame. As the world eagerly emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, this messaging will reach the masses and push

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