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    The murals can be found on our largest and most unique set of walls in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at the harkens one of Dmitry and my favorite Spike Lee films, and like our office, it’s based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

  • Where art meets swag

    or a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, the perfect tattoo – we’re as at home in the European Galleries at the Brooklyn As famed Brooklyn resident Walt Whitman once put it, we contain multitudes. of long-time collaborator and friend, digital artist Andrey Smirny from Computer Craphics, based in Brooklyn


    On the East Coast in New York City, we have every hipster-loving Brooklyn lover sporting or at least drooling after the latest IWC watch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. artwork looks as though the watch was hand-carved out of the Swiss Alps and shipped over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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  • Car2Go, BROOKLYN

    Car2Go < Back BROOKLYN Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Automotive markets New York Wall As of October 2014, Car2Go services launched in New York City, exclusively in Brooklyn, and Overall Murals Individual hand-painted murals were placed in heavily populated neighborhoods in Brooklyn such as Downtown white and saturated blue color; these infographics mimic the subway map with overlapping symbols of Brooklyn like the Brooklyn Bridge, a pigeon, hot dogs, basketball, and more were virtually impossible to miss

  • Brooklyn Brewery, DISTILLATION PROCESS

    Brooklyn Brewery < Back DISTILLATION PROCESS Overview Service Commercial industry Alcohol markets New York Wall(s) 1 Wall impressions ​ Our third mural for the famous local brewhouse, Brooklyn Brewery,

  • Gatorade, Grand Slam Serena Williams

    With Gatorade dominating the intersection of Kent Avenue and Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Stirring up press from journalistic powerhouses, such as the Huffington Post, ESPN, and Brooklyn Magazine The artwork told a story, which fueled enthusiastic Brooklyn locals, Serena Williams' fans, and tennis

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