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  • Sony Pictures, BOOK OF CLARENCE

    Service Outdoor Advertising, OM Art Studio industry Sony Pictures markets Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta Enter Erica Chisolm, an Atlanta-based mixed-media painter and muralist. Bringing the final vision to life, Overall Murals hand painted the artwork in prominent locations in Buckhead , Atlanta , Venice Beach , Los Angeles , and Germantown, Pennsylvania .

  • Doritos, SOLID BLACK

    Doritos < Back SOLID BLACK Overview Service OM Art Studio, Outdoor Advertising industry CPG markets Atlanta We had the privilege of transforming three of our walls located in New York , Chicago , and Atlanta into Our in-house Art Studio team enlisted two well-known artists in the Black creative community from Atlanta to the nostalgic Atlanta of the artist’s childhood. Quake wanted to keep the true soul of Atlanta intact as the city has progressed over time.​

  • TikTok, DARE TO BE

    TikTok < Back DARE TO BE Overview Service OM Art Studio, Outdoor Advertising industry Technology markets Atlanta Wall(s) 6 Walls impressions 5.9M+ Overall Murals painted a total of six walls in Atlanta for TikTok The bright yellow design created by Mister Totem was inspired by the streets of Atlanta themselves, according The renowned and legendary Atlanta muralist, Dr. The debut wall in the neighborhood of Atlanta was designed by the prominent graffiti artist AMUSE126

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