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  • apprenticeship workshop

    For example, the blends in a cell phone ad use a linear blend, while a Coca-Cola can use a cylindrical

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  • Coca-Cola, SPICED

    Coca-Cola < Back SPICED Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, Paint Lab industry CPG markets Atlanta Wall(s) 1 Wall impressions 243K+ Coca-Cola has introduced a captivating new flavor: Coca-Cola Spiced The brand has described it as Coca-Cola with a twist, a mix of aromatic spices and raspberry flavors To draw people to the shelves and generate excitement for the latest release, Coca-Cola partnered with We seamlessly incorporated a scent machine alongside our carefully hand painted Coca-Cola mural in the


    COCA-COLA < Back DREAMWORLD Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry CPG markets New York Wall(s happier than receiving incredible client feedback on the final day of painting a dream-like mural for The Coca-Cola Introducing, the fourth and final Coca-Cola Creations to drop, Dreamworld, Coke.


    COCA-COLA < Back SOCIALABLE FEASTS Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry CPG markets Philadelphia Wall(s) 1 Wall impressions 192K+ Coca-Cola’s latest campaign, "Sociable Feasts Sports Viewing" aims Coca-Cola’s “Real Magic” brand philosophy is based on igniting the mundane into something remarkable Where Coca-Cola’s philosophy reins true whether we’re sipping on a Coke with friends or painting a bottle As they pass by this mural, they are reminded of Coca-Cola’s philosophy of genuine connection and shared

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