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  • "El Reto"

    Google's Shopping holiday campaign, and handiwork from one of our many murals for the award-winning Amazon Music's Breakthrough Artists campaign.

  • Where art meets swag

    branding dovetail with our culture; his designs for bands reference the posters for rock bands and music festivals in the 1960s and 1970s when it was all about peace, love, and music.

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    AMAZON MUSIC < Back BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, Content Creation industry Music markets New York Wall(s) 13 Walls impressions 538K+ In partnership with Rapport LA and Amazon Music, for the year 2022, Overall Murals handpainted a total of 13 murals on one of Williamsburg, Brooklyn's A monthly creative swap announced a new musical artist for Amazon Music ’s ongoing Breakthrough Artist


    AMAZON MUSIC < Back LOLO ZOUAI Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, Content Creation industry Music Our latest mural for Amazon Music for breakthrough artist Lolo Zouaï. This year, the Overall Murals crew has already painted 10 murals for Amazon Music's latest campaign featuring In fact, Amazon's Brooklyn HQ is around the corner, which makes it extra fun to be able to see a client's


    AMAZON MUSIC < Back THE HEAD & THE HEART Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Music markets proud to have worked on a project that provides us all with a trip back to what was a great day for music On this day, 30,000 music fans gathered at the iconic Pike Place Market in Seattle to watch the legendary Thanks to Amazon Music , now YOU can experience the concert with the exclusive film release called, Rivers

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