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  • Porsche, MACAN

    MACAN Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, Paint Lab industry Automotive markets Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York Wall(s) 3 Walls impressions 2.9M+ Here at Overall Murals, we are purpose-built in how we approach our work, assuring that every task at hand is done efficiently and purposefully. The campaign ran across three walls in trendy areas, across multiple cities, perfectly aligned with the These were found in New York’s Soho , LA’s Venice , and Atlanta’s Poncey-Highland where passersby can

  • Work

    Services Industry Markets Paint Lab Awards ​ Valentino ROMA GREEN STRAVAGANZA Up New York Beauty ​ Pink York Apparel & Accessories ​ Gotham FC CLASS OF 2024 Up New York Sports ​ Sony Pictures BOOK OF CLARENCE York Entertainment ​ FANTA WHAT THE FANTA Up Los Angeles, New York CPG ​ ADIDAS GAZELLE Up Los Angeles , San Francisco, New York, Chicago Automotive ​ Victoria's Secret ICON Up Los Angeles, New York Apparel SUNTOUCHABLE SPF 30 Up Los Angeles, New York Beauty ​ LONGCHAMP LE PILAGE/TP Up New York Apparel & Accessories

  • New Balance, MADE IN U.S.A

    New Balance < Back MADE IN U.S.A Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry New Balance markets Los Wearing the shoes provides our clients with the opportunity for product placement while our team works - and somewhat paint-splattered - New Balance shoes. It’s a group portrait painted with soul - in New Balance soles. Like New Balance , this one’s a modern classic. Previous Next


    Service Outdoor Advertising, Content Creation industry Automotive markets Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Atlanta Wall(s) 7 Walls impressions 4M+ B uilt Ford Proud highlights the brand’s passion We will work hard to come back – aiming to be even stronger than before." York, and San Francisco to create these jaw-dropping impactful artworks The brand is consistently reinforcing Via this multi-wall, multi-city, and multi-creative “ Built for America ” campaign, Overall Murals helped


    27 ON 27TH < Back LUXURY RENTALS Overview Service Commercial industry Real Estate markets New York Wall Overlooking the Queensboro Bridge and with a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline stands a fairly new high-rise building in Long Island City, Queens.

  • New Balance, KAWHI LEONARD

    New Balance < Back KAWHI LEONARD Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Apparel & Accessories markets Los Angeles Wall(s) 1 Wall impressions 880K+ After New Balance established Kawhi Leonard as the What better way to reveal a new shoe, than to create a stunning hand painted mural, along the hottest During the month of the NBA All-Star Weekend New Balance teamed up with Overall Murals to bring their


    Back ANA Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Automotive markets Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago Wall(s) 8 impressions 16.8M+ Porsche , known worldwide for its exceptional engineering York , and San Francisco . York, has emerged as a sought-after artist in the world of fashion. Art, not Ads , amassed over 16.8 million impressions across the five cities during the campaign.

  • NY Lottery, TRIPLE RED 777

    < Back TRIPLE RED 777 Overview Service Outdoor Advertising, OM Art Studio industry Gambling markets New York Wall(s) 2 Walls impressions 1.7M+ NY Lottery wanted to build excitement around their latest Scratch-off OM Art Studio worked alongside NYC based artist, Nick Anglin to design the murals using his signature electric, pop style to translate the Spark a Win messaging to encourage New Yorkers, ages 18 and up The murals were hand painted in Red Hook and SoHo, New York, bringing the heat to 1,616,192 passersby

  • Balenciaga, WINTER

    Balenciaga < Back WINTER Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Apparel & Accessories markets New York Wall(s) 1 Wall impressions 493,312 With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, NYFW 2020 was different This new normal has created inventive ways of doing nearly everything, and apparently, fashion is no Balenciaga jumped on the opportunity to showcase their spring line on this popular unit in the heart of New York fashion, SoHo.

  • Marvel, AVENGERS

    Marvel < Back AVENGERS Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Gaming markets New York, Chicago Fortunately for us, we got to paint some of the most popular super heroes on some of our premier walls in New York and Chicago.

  • Sony Pictures, SUPERFLY

    Overview Service OM Art Studio, Outdoor Advertising, Content Creation industry Entertainment markets New York, Atlanta Wall(s) 5 Walls impressions 1.5M+ SONY Pictures brought Superfly , the highly stylized Working closely with SONY Pictures, these artists were able to convey the graffiti and street art aesthetic The new cinematic version is set in modern-day Atlanta, the city that artists Dubelyoo, Awe2, and Mister ’s design captures the essence of Atlanta, the skyline, and graffiti style ground the viewer in the city


    GOOGLE CLOUD < Back THE NEW WAY TO CLOUD Overview Service Outdoor Advertising industry Technology markets Those who have already committed to the Cloud or those looking for a new platform are reminded of its

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